The Naked Spirit

Thank You

Now You Wonder
Feeling Guilty
A Slave Who Is A Slave
Clearing Debris
It Is Not Love
Are You Afraid
Is He Who Has Fallen Down
The Blind Cannot See You
The Guardians Of The Books
How Much Are You Prepared To Pay
You Need A Sign Of Life
When Anybody May Enter Your Home
Can You Remember
Come With Me
With Your Feet
What Is Yours
You Are Swimming In A Sea Of Time
Is The Future Here Today
Expecting Life
When Was The Last Time
It Is Your Way
Nowhere In The World
Don't Look Back
A Fence
Is Your Freedom Desired
All Your Life
Go Home
The Clouds Are Telling A Story
My Friend

So Desperate
Not Passing
You Can Only Change
Keep Making Choices
You Cannot Be Happy
You Might Find Your Pen Writing
I Am The One
You May Find It Simple
To See In The Dark
When You Are Not Happy
Why Don't You Walk
You May Listen
Touch The Sand
Can You Ever Be
When You Walk
All You Need
Open Your Eyes
You Are Never
Beneath The Crystal Sky
Where You Show Your Very Nature
From The Bottom Of Their Giant Oceans
In The Beginning
You Are Not One Of The Undead
The Naked Spirit
Whenever You Feel Lonely

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