Now Is The Time Forever

With Gratitude

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It's About Time, My Friend
While You Wonder
I See The Tears
Tears Are Rolling Down
I Will Show You A Radiant Fire
Your Will Is Not Questioned
A Boulder Is Solid And Firm
Why Do You Fear
In The Fall
I Am The Player
Do You Feel Like A Stranger
Thank You
If You Remember
When You Sleep
There Is Nothing
If You Are Sad
Whenever I See Your Face
When They Embrace
You Asked Me
Where Your Mind Touches The Universe
For The Time Being
You Are Hiding
He Does Not Suffer
As Long As You Eat
Are You An Alien
Sometimes You Are Happy
You Were Created
You Could See Better

When The Sky Clears
At Last You Will Travel
The Last Page
In The Stillness Of The Night
You Teach
This Is The Last Moment
If The Universe Is Perfect
If You Teach
Live Like A Turtle
The Surface Of The Tranquil Pond
One Day
When There Is Nothing Left
When You Left Home
Except Yourself
If You Want To Have
A Balloon
Can You Move The Mountains
I Can Show You
The Only Thought
The Children Of The Mountain
Your Mind
Is There Any Place
There Is Time
You Can Take The Truth For Granted
There Is No End
It's About Time

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