"Look, how high it's going? Till heaven! That's far away, isn't it, Dad?"
"Oh yes, very far."
"Why is it so far? Wouldn't it be much nicer if heaven was here on earth?"
"I think so too, son."
"Why can't we pretend it is here? That would be nice! Then we can visit God on a Saturday afternoon. Or is he going to the supermarket also?"
"I don't think God needs to shop."
"Our neighbors aren't shopping either."
"I guess you're right, son, but you know by now that our neighbor owns the supermarket. When you own one, you don't need to shop."
"Does God have a supermarket also?"
"No, I don't think so."
"If I were God, my shop would always be open."
"Of course. You know, His shop is always open."
"But you said just a moment ago that He doesn't have a shop!"
"No of course not, I mean, you always can go to God."
"Oh? So I can go visit him on Wednesday afternoon, after school? I suppose I can wash His car! He probably will give me two bucks for the effort. Or perhaps more, because He has of course a big car!"
"I don't think He has a car."
"That's boring!"
"God only wants to be near His children."
"Wow! Why is He living then so far away? If I were God, I would build a house in our street. My children would then visit me whenever they wanted to. I would make a nice paradise!"
"God isn't far away. We only believe that He is."
"Why do we believe that? Can't we believe something else? Isn't it stupid to believe He is far away while you know He is nearby?"
"Yes it is. When you know, you don't have to believe anymore. But many people aren't so sure and therefore they have to believe they know it."
"If I were God, I would have created the world differently. I would have taken care that nobody had to believe."
"God created you like Himself. So you can create the world as He can."
"I don't understand what you are telling me."
"Well, the world looks like you think it looks like."
"So, if I wish to make the world beautiful, I only have to think of a beautiful world? Then we don't have to pretend heaven is here!"
"If you know that God is with you, you are in paradise. If you don't know that, then you can't believe that you are in paradise already."
"And in paradise there isn't any quarrel!"
"No, because if everyone would trust to be in paradise, all fights would be over."
"So, there is peace for everyone."
"Yes, indeed, because fighting always means you are afraid. And you are afraid because you have lost trust. Which means you are alone. And if you are alone you only can trust yourself."
"So actually there is no heaven up there. It's here!"
"Indeed. Heaven is here and now, because there is no other time."
"And all those people who want to go to heaven, they don't know this??"
"They are looking for heaven somewhere else. They should consider why they aren't seeing it here."
"So, my kite is already in heavens"
"Indeed, my son, indeed."

Curaçao, Ascension Day, 1997.

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