Christmas Eve

Once there was a planet in a vast universe. The planet had many, many islands: large ones, small ones, and even islands which seemed uninhabited. The islanders didn't see much daylight and their nights were therefore long and dark. Nights, which were filled with nightmares, and days, which were used to make their nightmares real. Then the islanders were daydreaming and were afraid that their island ended where the sea began. Still, they scanned the large sea for hours, hoping and expecting that once someone would strand on their beaches. Or, they built a bridge to another island, but their attempts failed too often.

Sometimes, on a clear day, the islanders felt deep in their hearts that they had to search for the treasure which had been buried a long time ago on each of their islands. But treasure hunting was demanding because most of the time it seemed like digging a bottomless hole. They then again postponed their attempts. And although they didn't realize that delay doesn't matter in eternity, for their perception of time it was tragic. That's why they lived on long but seldom happy.

This night, with all its lights, which seem to shine away the darkness around us, with all our friends so near to us, is giving us a feeling of togetherness. But we, islanders forever, stay on our desolate islands, and search for happiness and inner peace. We realize that the treasure chest cannot be found and we keep surveying the horizon desperately for a savior.

Why is this so? Why are we all searching, and why don't we ever find? Isn't this so, because we are only looking outside and seldom inside? And isn't this our own choice? And therefore our own responsibility?

We don't like to look inside, for we feel that we aren't whole and that something is missing. We don't like that, and to get rid of that unpleasant feeling, we look for something full-filling outside ourselves. And "of course" we meet "coincidentally" another islander who is able and prepared to give us what we need, like safety, security, health, money, marriage, sex, children, eternity, freedom, or even God. What we receive, will give us a feeling that we are perfect. Therefore we love the other, as long he accomplishes his task. But at same time we are jealous, because the gifts are of the other, and don't really belong to us. When the other does not fulfill his task and the hate becomes too heavy, we again find ourselves searching for another islander. And so we keep searching. Search and you shall not find. The idea that scarcity exists, becomes stronger and stronger, like any idea that is shared. And we therefore think that the world keeps moving by scarcity.

As mentioned before, we think that something is lacking. And as long as we adhere to that idea, we will not and could not be happy. Most of all we lack trust. Trust, that we were created in the likeness of the eternal Creator, created to live forever. Trust, that we always are at the right time at the right place. Trust, that everything is good, that all is good now. Not today, not yesterday, only now. Only now is eternal. Now is the time forever. And that what is forever, must be good. Without trust we fail again and again. When we have trust, we are able to demonstrate to all islanders, that we don't need a manmade bridge, but that we really can walk over water and be one with them.

But more is needed. We also have to acquire honesty. We only can allow to be honest, when we have trust, because when we have trust, nothing that we think or do, is in conflict with reality. There is no challenge in honesty, because challenge implies doubt. When we trust, we don't know doubt nor fear.

When we are honest, we will not judge. Because to judge, is to be dishonest. Dishonest, because we are sitting on a chair, which belongs to nobody.

When you judge other islanders, you lack trust and you mislead yourself. Judgement destroys honesty and therefore also trust. And thus, when we trust, we are honest as well. And honesty brings us tolerance.

We live forever, and therefore we are not able to harm anyone, and nobody is able to harm us. Because, to harm is a result of intolerance; it is a result of a dishonest thought. Therefore, he who has trust, does not only have to be honest, but also gentle. To hurt someone is a sign of weakness. Gentleness is a sign of power.

The gentle are without fear. They don't suffer. Gentleness always causes joy. What else would there be? Those who are gentle are safe forever and fulfilled with joy and happiness.

We have to let go our dreams, our nightmares, our miscreations, because they are based on fear. When you have trust, you are honest, tolerant, gentle, and joyful. You don't need a defense, because to defend yourself equates to a lack of trust. When you don't defend, there will be no danger; you will find safety, and joy, and peace.

When I give you a gift, I believe that I will lose it, because I give it up. But when we really trust, we always keep what we give away. We have to learn that the cost of giving, is receiving. Trust makes us generous. Then we don't want anything that we cannot give away. To keep something can only lead to fear, because we will be afraid to lose it. That's why we should not concentrate on keeping. And so we only keep the real gifts: trust, honesty, tolerance, joy, defenselessness. Only these gifts are really yours, because you can really share them with everyone.

We are deceived by the past, and from this illusion, we look at the future. We use this magic to attempt to find what lies ahead of us. Not because we need that now, but because we are unsure about what is coming. When we have trust, we don't have fears, and we don't search the past to find the future. We don't have doubts about what lies ahead, and therefore we are patient. Patience is the result of trust.

We want to correct everything, not only some things, but everything. We realize that even today, we can move mountains, because we have invested in trust. We believe that there is only one answer for all of our problems. Trust is full of faith. It is honest, because it is consequent. It is gentle, because it is not founded on fear. It is joyful, because it is secure. It is tolerant, because it is confident.

And thus, when we trust, there are honesty, tolerance, gentleness, joy, defenselessness, generosity, patience, and faith. But still we cannot experience inner peace, because will also need to be open-minded. Only the open-minded can be in peace, because only they are able to see a reason for it. The open-minded do not judge, but forgive. The open-minded forgive the other for what has not done to him.

Only when we identify ourselves with these characteristics, are we able to work on reaching the other islanders, and therefore ourselves. Only then we will have inner peace, and will we be healed forever. The choice is ours. When we really desire this, we have to see differently. And in case we are not able to see differently, we turn to our Creator:
You, who remember what I really am, only You remember what I really want. Let me remember all I don't know, and let my voice be still. Peace to me, and peace to the whole world. In holiness were we created and in holiness do we remain. Let us remember our inheritance: love, sinlessness, perfection, knowledge, and eternal truth. Let us be reborn. Let us be one. And while keeping this thought in our minds, we joyfully say: Amen.

Curaçao, Christmas 1996

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