Under The Tree

There was this guy, always sitting under his palm tree, staring at the sea, doing nothing. Then someone said to him, you see those fishermen?
Yeah, what about them?
Well, they work hard to earn a living. Why don't you join them?
Well, you earn something.
And if you earn enough and work hard, you might be able to own your own boat!
What's so important about that?
Ah, you don't understand! If you have your own boat, you can hire some people to work with you.
And if you are lucky, and really work long days, catch a lot of fish, you might be able to buy another boat.
Is that so?
Yes, of course. And when you continue, you will have the opportunity, to have an office. Let them go out fishing.
And you will become rich.
Aha! Wonderful! Now you are talking!! Then what?
Well, then you have lots of time to do whatever you want to do.
Yes, isn't it? You can spend the whole day at the beach, looking at the sea. Man, that's life!!

Old story, adapted by Hugo de Vries