Views From The Window

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We can renew our life over and over again. The choice is up to us. Our inner guide is always available with plenty of advice.

It's about time, my friend

It is time for a change. It is also about the elapsing time we experience. We should live in the present. Why are we fearing our past or future? Why are we so afraid to open our hearts? We are all coming together.

While you wonder

We are distorted by cause and effect. Time and again we are disappointed that things can end. We should not be disturbed by what is happening and go on. Still, we can meet our inner guide any time we want to.

I see the tears

We are the mountain. We are in constant pain. We like to be heard, but nobody is willing to listen or is unable to. We should solve our own problems. Through the window our world can be seen from a different perspective.

Tears are rolling down

The path to salvation will be found by ourselves.

I will show you a radiant fire

Love is needed to be able to see heaven. But when we doubt, help is always nearby. We only have to save ourselves. But it is always we, who must decide. We are like God.

Your will is not questioned

Our inner guide is always with us. We should trust our inner guide and not be disturbed if the advice is contrary to our own beliefs.

A boulder is solid and firm

The scorpion thinks he is secure by hiding. Not the scorpion is attacked, but the illusion of his shield.

Why do you fear

We fear to open our hearts. We should remember that even a tree will grow again in the spring. Why are we afraid to return to God? We are unaware that we never left Him. When we remember who we are, we are happy.

In the fall

Some are going home, some feel they are already there. It's still illusion. At the other side of the time line, there is only peace. The messenger employs the time line to bring us the good news.

I am the player

The king rules, we should accept his will. The bishop tries to save us, we avoid obstacles. The rook is strong, we feel helpless. We must not fight our self.

Do you feel like a stranger

We are afraid to ask for assistance, because we are out of place. We think we have found our way, but we don't see that the horizon is an illusion. We are lost in our confusing world. We are afraid that death is the end of our lives. There is only one answer. Have trust, be patient.

Thank you

We must be humble and thank God that we are the children.

If you remember

We should do what we have chosen to do, but we must not complain about our choice. We always can choose again.

When you sleep

All our prayers are heard. We are too busy with our own lives to hear an answer.

There is nothing

We have to unlearn to be able to learn again.

If you are sad

Birth and death are illusions. God created us to live forever.

Whenever I see your face

Let us trust our inner guide. He will show his view on our world.

When they embrace

We are sure that good times will end some day. And therefore we cannot enjoy. We don't understand why. When we look at each other, we don't understand that we see ourselves. But still more important, we don't understand why sight was given to us.

You asked me

When we are lonely, we must understand that it is our choice to see our loneliness. We must focus on our goal, we must not be disturbed by background noise. When we choose again, we are welcomed.

Where your mind touches the universe

If we give love, we receive love. We don't understand that even a blind man can see the way home. We don't understand that shadows are illusions. We are in God's hands. Therefore we don't have to be afraid that nobody finds us in the dark, because we were never lost.

For the time being

Time is an illusion. We only live in the present.

You are hiding

When we hide, we are afraid. When we are afraid we only see a frightening world. God's love will free us from our fear. What we conceive as emptiness is not. We should not cling to our defense systems.

He does not suffer

We should not complain during hard times, because heaven is waiting for us. We should understand we are already there.

As long as you eat

We must learn not to judge. If we don't learn, we see an unreal world. A world which promises one relief: death. Don't we still understand that death does not exist? We must not be fooled by our illusions.

Are you an alien

We have always the choice to return to God. Our fears are caused by our own shadows. Often we refuse to see love. Love is the only way back to our home.

Sometimes you are happy

Time is an illusion. To be happy or not is our own choice. As long as we see limitations we are confused. Only when we have no desires, can we be happy.


God's love is limitless.

You were created

We were created out of love. And now we don't understand ourselves anymore, nor the world we have made. We still can choose to open the door to love.

You could see better

To see reality, we must open our heart. We have no need for our world anymore when we can truly see.

When the sky clears

When we overcome our illusions, heaven embraces us.

At last you will travel

Finally we all return to our real home, because we do not belong in the world we have made. We must remember that love is only found in ourselves, not in the outside world. If we find love we cannot get lost, because we know which path we have to follow.


A loveless world only exists in our own imagination.

The last page

Never must we think that we know or even understand it all. Our inner guide invites us for another look.

In the stillness of the night

We can be awakened by being still. If we don't, our dream continues.

You teach

We all are teachers and learners.

This is the last moment

Only now is the moment that we can do, what we want to do. There is nothing we can't do.

If the universe is perfect

As long as we judge, we don't understand anything.

If you teach

When we judge our brother, we attack him. We attack him because we don't love him. We don't love him, because we don't love ourselves. When our brother judges us, we feel attacked by him. If we don't change, we remain in our unreal world, until we die.

Live like a turtle

We don't have to go anywhere to find heaven.

The surface of the tranquil pond

We cannot see beyond our own judgments. We see what we like to see. We are able to overcome our illusions if we choose to do so. It will mark our way to reality, which we eventually will find.

One day

If we let go of our desires, we can be humble.

When there is nothing left

When we have no desires anymore, when we have true knowledge, we are in heaven.

When you left home

We don't understand that the garden is a manifestation of the invisible God.

Except yourself

Our loneliness is an illusion.

If you want to have

If we have nothing or we are not content with what we have, we suffer. Even if we have all there is, we suffer, because we are afraid to lose it. We can only be happy by giving love.

A balloon

Heaven is here and now. The heavenly skies are an illusion.

Can you move the mountains

We can do what we have to do. We don't because we are afraid.

I can show you

We should trust our inner guide. But it is we who must undertake action.

The only thought

We should unlearn the way we see our world. Nothing happens by accident. We are present in the present.

The children of the mountain

Happiness can only be found in our self.

Your mind

If we refuse to see the light in ourselves, it remains dark.

Is there any place

We must live here and now. We are not born, we will not die. If we think God isn't there because we don't see Him, it's our own illusion of separation.

There is time

Only love is timeless.

You can take the truth for granted

Our world is an illusion. Only reality exists. The shadows are devils created by ourselves. Don't blame God for our illusions.


Peace can only be found within ourselves. It cannot be made real.


We must try to understand reality. We gain nothing if we share nothing. We should listen to our inner self, not to our ego.


We only can learn now. We are learning continuously.

There is no end

Our mission is to be alive, to love, to learn. God is with us.

It's about time

When someone has to say good bye, we only have to wish him a good trip.
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