Emigranten Taal

I wonder while I ponder
the merit of the English taal
no one can do it zonder
we speak it allemaal.

To learn it is een hele klus
we even changed it a bit
omdat there by all of us
a touch of Dutch in zit.

You hear: "Please don't mekker"
when kids are in a crying mood,
sometimes it even gets gekker,
we say "Don't klieder with your food."

A kitchen cupboard is a keukenkastje
a drawer remains a la,
for painting we need a kwastje
and after dinner we eat vla.

Some words may sound the same,
like: oh dear, that deer is a dier.
While lame isn't the same as leem,
hear here also means: hoor hier.

A bear has hair, so he isn't bare,
beer is a drink, een beer is 'n beest.
Merry Mary marries, merrie is mare,
a bee is 'n bij, been there: ik ben er bij geweest.

Wij mogen dan newcomers wezen
and maybe an accent we keep,
we are all proud Canadezen
the love for this country is deep!

Wim Jolles