The Woman In The Window

I saw a woman yesterday
Through a window pane,
Tears streaming down her face,
Like little drops of rain.

And the pain I saw there,
In that woman's face,
Told stories of sadness
No love could replace.

I stopped for a moment
To watch her there,
Face full of sadness,
Face full of fear.

No sound did she make,
She spoke not a word,
Though all she was thinking
Some how I heard.

I understood her loneliness,
Understood her pain,
Began to cry with her,
Tears falling like rain.

I tried to turn away,
Tried not to see,
Then I discovered,
That woman was me.

She wasn't a stranger,
Not some one to pass,
It was my own reflection
I saw through the glass.

Ruth aka Hootowl